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Global Liquidity Crisis

Global Liquidity Crisis

Wall Street Gecko's August 2007 comments on the:

Global Liquidity Crisis


Quant Funds

Quant Funds

Wall Street Gecko comments on Quant Funds (and Hedge Funds)
Hedge Funds

more detailed information on Quant Funds
is available on Suzi Quant's website:
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Quant Alphabet

for a fundamental overview of the mathematics
upon which the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is based see:
Quant Alphabet



September 27, 2007

well, "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke
would seem to be making progress on earning the title

his Harvard, MIT, and Princeton credentials were substantiated in 2002
when he explained how a fiat currency based government
can spend its way out of trouble by dropping money out of helicopters

stated more academically:
"inflation erodes the real value of the government's debt"

last week FED Chair Bernanke slashed interest rates
twice as much as reasonable followers had expected;
putting an end to the predictable reputation which had been built up

Gecko's view of history of such actions
seems to predict an immediate upswing in the markets upon the news,
followed by a sobering market downturn over the next year or so

FED rate cuts are official recognition of economic recession,
however at first glance it appears to be
a saviour of the housing market problems
(see the Gecko's previous liquidity video)

however in the longer term:
recession tends to erode international confidence in the American economy

research of foreign exchanges might indicate
the U.S. dollar being devalued relative to foreign currencies

oil, which is priced in U.S. dollars, rises in price

well, dropping money out of helicopters
might indeed tend to erode the U.S. debt obligations

remember though, that effect is spelled "inflation"


Inflation Mathematics

on April 15, 2008 the gecko offered some helpful hints
for those whom might try to understand

government inflation mathematics


Reptilian Commodity Pricing

the gecko's March 14, 2008 posting establishing opinion of:
$100 oil and $1000 gold pricing becoming the new norm


Options Pricing
the gecko explains options pricing
(and includes golf tips)

Options Pricing

gecko's explanation meanders around Dow Theory
to offer some reptilian perspectives



WallStreetGecko offers some overview perspectives on:

Oil Pricing



Energy Pricing
Conspiracy Theory

the "gecko" totally discounts altruistic motivations, and instead offers:

Energy Pricing Conspiracy Theory


Tulip Bulbs

archive of the gecko's continuation of commentary about liquidity "alcoholism",
subprime financial engineering, and the associated
collective market intelligence, which fueled the recent housing bubble
with reference to the infamously historic Tulip Bulb frenzy

oh, and also criticism of the fed's recent drastic interest rate cuts,
asking what fed stimulation will be possible from zero interest rates?

Tulip Bulbs


Reptilian Tactics

in the first explanation of "reptilian" stock market tactics
the "gecko" offers "reptilian" commentary about:
"Pump 'n Dump", sub-prime debt liabilities,
and even includes an awful joke

Reptilian Tactics

hmmm, too bad David Copperfield isn't a Wall Street'er,
would seem to be some nice "reptilian" source material there:
David Copperfield cannot make warehouse raid disappear
Times OnlineOctober 20, 2007


News Quips

Reuters reported (October 15, 2007) that:
the U.S, Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from Microsoft and Best Buy
which sought to bar lawsuits from customers who had alledged that
Best Buy employees activated "trial" accounts for MSN services,
(which automatically converted to billed accounts)
and transmitted customer credit card information to Microsoft,
without knowledge (nor consent) of the customers

hmmm, would seem that the lawyers
failed in their "un-questionable monopoly is good" argument

a gecko would have to admire the legal attempt though



on September 6, 2007 the Financial Times reported that
"Goldman Sachs made $300 million last month
from the rescue of one of the investment bank's troubled hedge funds,
even as external investors lost more than a fifth of their money"

"Goldman makes $300m from fund rescue" at FT.com

the Gecko was unable to form a quip
which could top the actual news


research reports substantiate that
significant technological progress has transformed
both and the work environment,
and also consumer oriented industries;

where it used to require an extended lunch break to accomplish shopping,
modern consumers are now able to get their shopping done while at work:

"About 40% of consumers with Internet access at work
plan to shop online using their office computer"

"In a survey of 852 employees ... 72 per cent indicated that they had shopped online at work"
book abstract


on Altria's decision to spin-off of the international segment
of Phillip Morris (the world’s largest cigarette maker)
WallStreetGecko noted that
the international market has been more immune from legal actions
from addicted customers adversely effected by their products;
Gecko also noted that the addictive stuff is quite profitable
(please realize the reptilian nature of a Gecko's brain)

oh, and Goldman Sachs has announced that
they expect Apple to announce new versions of iPod on September 5, 2007;
I guess a Gecko can expect kids who just spent hundreds of dollars
to update their original music only iPod to video capability;
will now discard their recent hardware upgrade
and spend another few hundred dollars for new widescreen version

technology trends might be as addictive as tobacco

Wall Street Gecko was asked
what best described last week's (August 13-17, 2007) market activity?

"leveraged fear"

was the "street talk" description which Wall Street Gecko heard
which seemed to best describe last week's trading


please note:
these quips only present a (reptilian brained) "gecko's" perspective,
its up to the reader to decide whether such concepts
will (and/or should/should not) prevail in the market


Suzi Quant Vacation Animation

September 4, 2007

its "after Labor Day"

quite a few of the migratories of Wall Street
have headed back west,

well, those pertaining to the theme of this website
migrate as far west as back to Wall Street;

my understanding is that some non-marketeers
actually migrate south to Palm Beach for the winter

well anyway,


what redlines at 7750 rpm?

and the car is quite hot also

aah come-on,
I was referring to the computer ...

in the words of the great philosphers T-Rex:
"she got a hubcap diamond star halo"

a new Suzi Quant brief vacation animation has been posted:

Suzi Quant Vacation 2007

Suzi Quant's Vacation 2007 animation


Bling Bling Twins

oh, by the way,
the Bling Bling Twins also have their own website:


WallStreetGecko at Summit 2007

WallStreetGecko has some comments, and an animation,
about the technological emergence of
3-Dimensional Virtual Reality "Metaverse Worlds"

the Associated Press reported on September 20, 2007 that:
in the first major public appearance of Kazuo Hirai,
the new chief executive of Sony Corp.'s video game business,
it was announced in a keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show
that Sony (SNE) will delay until next spring
start of its "Home" virtual world (metaverse) services for the PlayStation 3

the European launch of PS3 itself
was delayed for several months due to production problems.

there has been much hype about the September 25, 2007 release of
Halo 3 for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console

Halo 3 is one of the first console titles which features
social networking and user-generated content;
and allows players to collaboratively create and swap content
as well as keep tabs on opponents and teammates remotely from the Web

Bungie Software Products Corp (Halo 3)
is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corp.

according to the September 24, 2007 issue of Business Week,
as of August 2007:
Nintendo's (NTDOY) has sold 403,600 Wii console units
Microsoft (MSFT) has sold 276,700 Xbox 360 units, and
Sony's (SNE) has sold 130,600 PlayStation 3 consoles

I remember Louis Rukeyser once advising on "Wall $treet Week":
if your wife is wearing it, or your kids are buying it,
you might be wise to consider investing in it;
if you want "professional" technolgy advise
ask your kids whats happening

Wall Street Gecko comments about the financial problems with
Microsoft's Xbox 360 hardware
including some perspectives on the entire computer video game industry


Las Vegas Photo Essay

Las Vegas Photo Essay

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