Wall Street Gecko

Tulip Bulbs

well, the gecko will now attempt to outdo all previous controversial comments
with now commenting that the actual cause of the current market problems
is the result of the eternal wellspring of idiots running dry;
such comment deriving from the current Fed Chair's
session with the U.S. Congress wherein
the gecko believes that there was mention of
the historic tulip bulb frenzy
having had finally run out of buyers;
the resulting liquidity crisis having caused disuption of the world's
financial markets for the successive hundred years.

well, it would seem obvious the the solution
to the current economic problems caused by
actively encouraging liquidity "alcoholism",
accompanied by creatively engineered new financial instruments:
would now be a creative marketing campaign
explaining gold being worthless
compared to the alternative investment opportunities.

not to miss an opportunity to criticize governmental policy
the gecko believes that the recent drastic fed actions were improperly timed;
perhaps demonstrating the ability of politics
to take precedence over the actual solving of problems;

it would seem to the gecko that premature radical interest rate cuts
only served to confirm fears of an upcoming failing of the ecomomy.

if instead the market were allowed to take a more natural course,
such rate cuts at the bottom of the economy downturn
might have instead served to generate consensus that
the bottom has been reached,
and it would then be time to rebuild
with the newly available liquidity

however now,
what fed stimulation will be possible from zero interest rates?



oh, while the gecko is out on a thin branch,
questionable in its ability to support even the weight of a gecko,

the gecko has noticed that in the north-eastern U.S.,
that there would seem to have been a stretching out
of delivery scheduling for home heating oil;

there has been a bit of cold weather recently,
and the residential heating oil storage tank
seemed to have emptied to what seemed to be
an abnormally lower then normal level
during these last days of the first quarter of this new year;

if such individual observation
were to be extrapolated into a conspiracy theory,
a gecko might be a bit skeptical of the upcoming
fuel oil reserve reports for the first quarter;


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