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Virtual Worlds

for quite a few years now the concept of "cyberspace"
included future visions of 3-Dimensional virtual reality

well, such technology is indeed developing:

croquet orientation video

current implementations such as:

Second Life
which would seem to have accumulated much public participation,
and is actively expanding into virtual corporate displays

which developes government systems for applications such as
simulated virtual environments for situational skills development
for functions such as emergency medical response

are currently operational

however, similar to the way that
video on demand in every household is dependent upon
the telecommunications bandwidth infrastructure to support it,

in order for such 3-Dimensional Worlds of Virtual Reality
to become as common place as today's standard internet access,
it will require sufficient client side graphics processing capability
(which would seem to be more then current off-the-shelf computers)
the last industry standard for the PC platform performance requirements
was last agreed upon many years before the current virtual worlds

IBM, who introduced the IBM-PC computer hardware platform,
has now sold off their PC interests to Lenovo,
and I have not yet heard of any new initiative
to redefine PC performance specs

companies such as IBM and Sun are working toward
developing software standards for interfaces between
whatever 3D metaverses might evolve in the future

a metaverse is where Real Life people
interact with each other in virtual reality worlds

real life people are able to choose and customize
virtual avatars which represent them in such metaworlds

bling such as jewelry, clothing, or sparkling special effects
can be aquired to adorn such virtual avatars;

such items will most likely require development of
Certificate Authorities to facilitate avatar "passports"
and to enable the transport of "suitcases" of object data references
across metaversal boundaries
(computer implementation platforms)

Linden Labs has developed a virtual micro-currency system
Linden Economics
which raises issues of
exchange of such virtual currencies across metaversal boundaries

and the legal tender status of such vitual currencies

it would seem that a lot of Real World problems
will also require solution in the metaversal future:
such as the real world problems which were raised by
off shore online gambling operations,
which called into question "pay-for-play" telephone bill charges,
where real world cash would be deposited into cyber-casinos
by billing telephone accounts via 900 numbers

like all technology, it's sometimes difficult to understand
how more advanced technology makes things better,
like the cliche remote control with 50 function buttons,
(which most people never use)
which causes the volume and channel selection buttons
to become lost in the sea of technological advancement;

however the evolution towards decentralized work environments
would seem to make such 3-Dimensional metaverses
a valuable tool for such future distributed work environments


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