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Reptilian Tactics

this is the first of a series of
"reptilian" explanations of stock market tactics

current topic is "Pump 'n Dump"

the concept is rather simple:

a stock is bought,

then publicized through whatever media channel
would reach a maximum audience of speculators

upon such stock being thus "pumped" up
the operators are then able to "dump" their holdings
pocketing a substantial profit from such activity

the concept works best on thinly traded small caps
which can easily have dramatic price movements

perhaps the most amazing thing of the concept is that
as speculators observe the dramatic price movements
of the stocks promoted by such operators,
their activity builds momentum

perhaps the next most amazing thing about such activity is how is it
that such a simple concept would not be detected?

as long as there exists no regulators
concerned with whether such promoters
have "dumped" their holdings upon the "pumping" of those stocks ...

well, does anyone really care
if a stock being promoted is actually such a good investment
why is it that the promoter is no longer invested?

now I realize that some might say:
hey gecko, that is terrible,

well, let me go on to say that
the topic reminds the "gecko" of the ole joke,
about the "gecko" who asked a female in a bar
if she would be willing to have sex with him for a million dollars

now I know that some might murmer about it sounding like a Redford movie,
but wait, you haven't heard the reptilian punchline yet,

the female replies that "for a million dollars: sure"
at which point the "gecko" further inquires:
"well how about for ten dollars"?
at which point the female becomes offended,
and asks: "what type of girl do you think I am"?

at which point the "gecko" points out that
type of person has already been established,
now we're just haggling about price

well, I know that some might try to point out that
"gecko's" current topic should have actually been about
the most important issue which the entire market is concerned about,

that of course being:
who is going to get stuck holding
the liabilities of the sub-prime debt going bad?


as a consideration to any readers
who have become so aggravated by the current topic,
that they are unable to wait long enough
to find the complaint address on the main webpage,
one can simply send complaints to:


perhaps next year gecko might find a scarier topic for Halloween


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