Wall Street Gecko

Reptilian Commodity Pricing

the gecko has established an an opinion of
$100 oil and $1000 gold becoming the new norm

although there would actually seem to exist other market opinions
expecting commodities to retreat from recent highs

some short term retracement of skyrocketing commodity prices
might occur, however the gecko continues to believe
that the longer term trend will be of
even higher commodity pricing

oil recently increased in U.S. retail price above $3 per gallon
without any significant decrease in consumer energy demand;
and it would seem that $4 and $5 pricing
can be rather easily obtained

Europeans have already become acclimated to such higher pricing

although there has been some chatter about
the U.S. Congress, having significant budget problems,
might make a move to grab some of the windfall profits
being enjoyed by the mega-oil companies

it would seem that one would have to examine the historic record
if one wanted to form an opinion about outcome;

hmmm, lets see, public interests versus private oil profits

although the current oil affiliated political administration
might be coming to a transitional point,

a reptilian might tend to expect the windfall profits talk
to last about as long as Hillary's healthcare talk
lasted during that administration

although a reptilian brain would have to admire
that administration's political manipulations of their scandals,
compared to the recent honest (non-reptilian) reaction of
the sheriff of Wall Street (N.Y.'s less-fortunate governor)

federal governmental budgetary and economic realities would seem to
substantiate basis for a lot of reptilians grabbing commodities
as an alternative to an internationally weakening dollar;

the gecko expects $1000 to become the floor support price for gold

as well as $100 for oil

don't even ask about wheat

and, the recent cuban political climate
would seem to indicate an upcoming
optimal harvest time for commodity sugar pricing

sharpen your pencils (or computer graphics) ready to chart
sugar pricing related to cuban privatization

with such wheat and sugar pricing expectations, the gecko continues to
expect the government to continue to ignore food (and energy) pricing
in their official inflation reports


as always, please note:
the Wall Street Gecko's opinions DO NOT represent the views
of this website, (perhaps not) Wall Street, nor even the writer(s)

these quips only present a (reptilian brained) "gecko's" perspective,
its up to the reader to decide whether such concepts
will (and/or should/should not) prevail in the market


this webpage was last updated on: March 14, 2008